What Is The TKF Premium Guarantee?

The TKF Premium Guarantee is essentially us here at TKF telling you that we 100% stand by the premium quality of our kayak accessories, fishing accessories, and inflatable boats.

We use all of our products and have testers all over Australia using our products before they are even put onto the store. This way we can either tweak the design or decide not to even sell it.

Why Does TKF Have A Premium Guarantee?

Here at TKF, your happiness is very important. We have all been there, where we thought we were getting a good product and we paid decent money for it, but it turned out to be cheap rubbish that either failed prematurely or didn’t do as it was promised to do.

So we took this into our own hands and decided that if our products aren’t as we described or the quality is less then you thought, we would refund you and pay the return shipping.

What Do I Get If It Isn’t What I Thought?

Online shopping can be a bit daunting right? You never know what you are buying as you cannot touch, hold, and feel it. So the TKF Premium Guarantee gives you peace of mind, knowing that if it isn’t as good as we said, we will:

  1. refund you the entire order amount for that product (including shipping)
  2. pay for the return shipping back to us

What Do I Do If I wish To Raise A Concern?

If you feel that the gear you received is not what you thought as detailed above, then it is easy to get the ball rolling.

  1. Write us an email to sales@totalkayakandfishing.com.au detailing what your concerns are, what the problem is with the product, or why it isn’t as we described. Also provide your name, telephone number, and address we sent your order to. And if you have it, please provide your order number so we can look your order up and make the process faster.
  2. Attach photos of the product showing all sides and attach them to the email as per point 1. These photos are used to determine if it is a one-off fault where we can just replace it and also what condition the product is in.
  3. Once we receive the email, we will reach out to you and discuss your concerns and work out what we can do. If it is a simple replacement, we can ship that out. Or if we need to get the item back first to assess we can work on that also.
  4. Once we have all agreed on the next step, we here at TKF will make it happen for you.

Terms and Conditions

Yes we know, T and C’s… another way to get out of it. Thats not it at all. We have to ensure that everyone is covered here.

  1. A detailed description of what you feel is not right, less than described or not of the quality you expected is required. Details of the item, when you purchased and what the problem is. This can be emailed to sales@totalkayakandfishing.com.au.
  2. Photos are necessary for us to see how they look and also to relate to your description as described in point 1. These photos are to be attached to the email described in point 1.
  3. We will refund your order only after we have received your item back so we can assess your concerns. It is at the discretion of TKF if the refund will be offered based on what you have raised in point 1 and also after checking the item.
  4. The item must be in reasonable order. If it appears that it has been mistreated or in poor order, TKF has the right to not warrant your Premium Guarantee promise. So please ensure you look after your new item and it will serve you well even if you do not proceed.
  5. This offer is only valid for 30 days from the day you received your item. The receipt date will be determined by the tracking details provided.