Re-Spooling Fishing Reel

Re-Spooling Your Fishing Reel

Re-spooling (putting new line on) your reel and also getting the first knot to hold can be a challenge. No matter whether you are a professional fisherman or someone just starting out, I am sure you know what I am talking about.

I am sure we have all done it, but using that screwdriver or alike stuck in the couch with the line on it can be a nightmare at times and on top of that, it doesn’t provide a tight winde on your reel. Having your line tight on the reel is a must for the first use.

We recently met up with Rod Harrison. Well known for the books he has written and for his fly fishing adventures. He gave me some hot tips on re-spooling your fishing reel to get the best out of it. He used one of TKF’s Portable Fishing Reel Line Spoolers to show just how easy it is using this compact tool.

Watch the video below and make sure you share this post with all your mates that may need some hot tips.



  1. Install your fishing reel line spooler onto your rod approximately 20-30cm from the reel as follows:
    • Do a quick test of the tool on your rod to select the¬†appropriate hole in the tool,
    • Push the threaded part of the tool through the new line,
    • Hold the tool on your rod as previously tested and insert the threaded part with the new line through the side of the tool and do up until firm and so the tool does not move,
  2. Once the tool has been mounted to the rod, tighten your drag on your reel so it is tight and then flick your bale arm over to the open position.
  3. As per the video, drag some line off so you have enough to make a large loop with a tail of approximately 10cm long going back to the new spool.
  4. Tie the line using a uni knot method as per picture below:
  5. Place the open loop onto the reel spool and loop it around 3-4 times in each direction as per the video,
  6. Once this is done, pull the line tight to tighten the loop on the spool.
  7. Flick your bale arm over to the closed position.
  8. Tighten the Line Spooler Tool so the new spool of line is firm to turn.
  9. Start winding the fishing reel slowly to get started.
  10. Once you are confident it is working fine, you can start to wind a little fast while ensuring that the line tension is still firm. This ensures that the line is wound on to the reel firmly and evenly.
  11. Continue winding until the line is approximately 2-3mm from the outer spool lip on the reel.
  12. *NOTE* Do not be concerned if you have line left. It is better to have not enough line on your reel then too much so do not be tempted in continue winding more line on if there is a little left.
  13. Cut your line off and remove the TKF Portable Reel Spooler.
  14. You are done.

Good luck. We hope this helps to make the task of re-spooling your fishing reel easier and more efficient.

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