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Eagle 3.6 Inflatable Boat


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Escape the daily grind and get on the water sooner and without breaking your back with your old, heavy kayaks. Do more and have more fun with the TKF Eagle 3.6. Hit the Add To Cart and start living a life of adventure and exploration.

  • Better seating positions for you and your passenger or for mounting fish finders, rod holders and other accessories with the 3x Aluminum Seats that can be installed or left out as you prefer.
  • Save space in your car, caravan or home with the Compact size. The small footprint when in its bag allows for easy transport and storage no matter whether that’s in a ute, small car, caravan or motorhome. This boat will go EVERYWHERE with you.
  • Nimble: The Eagle 3.6 sits on the surface of the water which allows it to be nimble and move through the water with ease. This allows better performance from smaller motors, easy maneuverability in those hidden, tight spots…
  • The Eagle is extremely Stable and is ideal for standing and fishing or exploring and great for stretching the legs when on the water for a long time.
  • 4x Fins under the boat to provide greater stability and better tracking,
  • Powerful: With the option to install up to a 5hp outboard motor and the fact it sits on top of the water, this boat has some serious power.
  • Lightweight: Anybody can use the Eagle 3.6 with thanks to the lightweight design. They are easy to transport and easy to carry due to its small size and weight.
  • Super strong: The Eagle 3.6 can take the toughest punishment with thanks to the supreme manufacturing quality and the high-quality material used. It is recommended to not hit those rocks or trees below the surface, but if it happens, fear not, this boat will handle it. (sharp rocks and sticks may still damage the underneath)
  • Spacious: To ensure you and your passenger enjoy being on the water, there is enough space for all your tackle, a cooler bag/box and of course YOU. Enjoy having space and being able to stand and enjoy being on the water.
  • Quick and Easy setup: Reduce the workload before hitting the water with the quick and easy setup. All you need is a pump and any gear you need and you will be on the water in LESS THEN 10 MINUTES.
  • Unique TKF Grab bar mountings already installed and ready for your accompanying grab bar for ease of standing, fishing or taking photos,


The TKF Eagle 3.6 is designed in-house by the TKF team to provide you with a superior inflatable boat that ensures you get out more no matter what you consider a limitation.

No more worrying about lifting the kayak off the roof, or how you will get it to the water, the Eagle 3.6 is compact and lightweight and has accessories that ensure you have no more excuses not to get out and enjoy the water.

The TKF Eagle 3.6 is your absolute must-have for your next adventure. It is designed to take up minimal space in your car, caravan or at home so it is ideal for those with limited space. They fold up into a convenient carry bag that takes up minimal space in comparison to a kayak and is inflated and ready to go quickly and with complete ease.

It boasts, agility, size and convenience of a kayak, but the stability, petrol motor installation and the spaciousness of a tinny, the TKF Eagle 3.6 Inflatable Boat makes fishing, exploring and enjoying the water the best experience.

  • Boasting extreme stability while cruising or stationary standing,
  • Option to use petrol or an electric motor to make cruising and exploring easier than ever
  • Store with ease with the small size and convenient bag. Perfect to put in your caravan or motorhome
  • Perfect for caravanners, fishermen, bird watchers, families and just about everyone else who enjoys kayaking or getting out on the water.

NOTE: Grab bar, Wheels and Motor not included but available separately or via the bundles

Space Saving

With this boat being inflatable, you can transport or store it in tight spots while still enjoying the benefits of having a boat to explore, fish or take the family out on the water.

Take it Caravanning

With its small packed up footprint, you can take it in your caravan for your trip and enjoy getting out and exploring those hidden water holes you stumble across.


  • 3.65m TKF Eagle 3.6 Inflatable Boat
  • 3x Aluminium Bench Seats
  • 1x Padded Bench Seat Cover
  • 2x Aluminium Oars
  • Canvas Carry/Storage Bag
  • High Flow Foot Pump
  • PVC Repair Kit
  • 2-Years Warranty
  • Grab Bar, Wheels and Motor not included


  • Length: 3.65m
  • Weight: 31kg
  • Number of Seats: 3 Aluminium
  • Number of Air Chambers: 3 (2x Sides and 1x Floor)
  • Drop Stitch Floor for added rigidity

Additional information

Weight 35000 g





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