Catch and Release Kayak Landing Net - Small

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Catch and Release Kayak Landing Net - Small

$49.95 $42.95

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Kayak and Boat Landing Net

The TKF Catch and Release Landing Net is designed to provide the ultimate combination of strength, compact, and weight-saving to ensure you get your fish onboard with little effort. This net is for the serious kayak or boat fisherman.

No More Hook and Net Tangles

The 100% rubber netting helps to prevent net hookups with your hook or lure. No more trying to pull your hook out from your net and having to cut the net.

Reach Further

With the generous size telescopic handle, you will be able to safely and easily reach that little bit further to get your fish without having to break yourself to get the distance.

Generous Size Net

This net has a generous size net hoop that will fit most good size catches, yet be compact enough to be used on your kayak or boat.



Attach To Your Kayak or Boat

With the lanyard and magnet base attached to the net, you can detach easily from the net and attach to you kayak or boat with ease. This way you can be assured that you will not loose your net overboard.

Lightweight Design

With the use of high-quality aluminium for the frame and handle, this net is lightweight and super strong so you can use it with ease when out on your kayak or boat.

Compact Size

‘Compact’ is not always a good term for nets. However the Catch and Release Landing Net has been designed for the kayak and boat fisherman. Compact enough with thanks to the telescopic handle and design, yet large enough where it counts to ensure you can catch most reasonable size fish.

Comfortable, Non-Slip Grip

With thanks to the high quality, foam grip installed, you will be able to hold on to your net without the risk of it slipping out of your hand and into the water.

A Landing Net For You

  • Kayak Fisherman – Thanks to the size and length, this net is ideal for kayak fishing. The handle also provides that little extra reach you need for kayaking.
  • Boating – This net is ideal for small to medium size boat fishing as it is compact, has an extended telescopic handle and strong enough for nearly all you can throw at it.
  • Caravanners – With the smaller size and weight and the extendable handle, it is great for caravan travelers as it takes up minimal space yet can be used for any form of fishing you are doing.

Designed for the true kayak fisherman, the TKF Catch and Release Kayak Landing Net is lightweight, super strong and helps prevent those very annoying net hookups between your hook or treble and the netting.


Hoop Size

Width 35cm x Length 45cm x Depth 35cm


70cm retracted length, 80cm extended

Netting Material

100% Rubber


FAST and FREE Shipping Over $49

TKF Premium Guarantee

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Availability: Out of stock

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Small Catch and release landing net
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