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24 Can MOSSY OAK Cooler Bag


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The 24 Can AO Coolers Mossy Oak Cooler Bag not only keeps your drinks and food colder for longer, but looks amazing as well! With the new brighter and detailed pattern, “It’s more than a camo pattern. It’s who you are.”

This cooler is guaranteed not to leak and includes four strap hole fasteners on each corner so the cooler can be strapped down to the rack of your off-road vehicle, kayak, boat or SUP. The outer material is UV protected so the color won’t fade in the hot sun. This new cooler is a must for any off-roader wanting a cold drink. It’s the STRONGEST, COLDEST COOLER on the market!


  • 24 Can Capacity + Ice
  • Guaranteed not to leak or sweat.
  • Triple-stitched soft quality webbing
  • 4 tie down points
  • Highest quality YKK zippers used.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty (see below)


43.18 cm x 25.4 cm x 30.48 cm


24 cans plus approx 6.35 kg of ice


AO Coolers offers a Limited-Lifetime Warranty on the Liners and Top Zipper of our coolers. AO Coolers are happy to repair and return your cooler if it meets the following criteria:

  • Clean: We should be willing to touch your cooler without having to wear gloves
  • Dry: Coolers that are shipped wet arrive moldy and delay the process
  • Exterior has no major wear and tear (Based on our discretion)

AO Coolers Guarantee Covers:

  • The Liner: if the cooler leaks because of a manufacturing defect, or normal use AO Coolers will repair the liner. Please note that coolers damaged by crushed cans, bottle caps, animals, dry ice, glass, or other uses that are not considered normal wear and tear are not covered by our warranty.
  • The Main Zipper: This is the zipper on the top of the cooler, we do not cover the side pocket zippers.

** Make sure coolers are dry and clean before returning them to us. If they arrive moldy or filthy the cooler will not be repaired. Warranty expires once the exterior of the cooler becomes too weak to sew in a new liner or zipper and is based on AO Coolers discretion.

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