If you are using an anchor for your kayak, then the TKF Kayak Anchor Trolley Kit is an essential add on. Using an anchor trolley kit prevents you from capsizing in strong currents and waves and makes adjusting your direction easy. The anchor trolley kit attaches simply to the side of any hard shell kayak and allows you to move the anchor mount location from the front to the rear of the kayak using a pulley type system. This also allows you to redirect yourself by moving the anchor anywhere on the kayak for the prime position for reeling in that monster fish.

What’s Included:

  • 9m (30ft) of braided 5mm rope
  • 1x round, plastic rigging ring
  • 1x zig zag cleat
  • 2x plastic saddles
  • 2x stainless steel snap hooks
  • 2x stainless steel pulleys
  • 1x mounting fastening kit