Keep your belongings safe when on the boat, kayak, to the beach, fishing with a TKF 6L Floating Dry Bag. These bags have been designed to ensure that your gear (Phone, Wallet, Keys and everything else), stays safe and dry no matter what you want to do with it. The unique folding design ensures that air stays in (to help float) and water and dust stay out. This ensures that no matter whether you are taking it on the boat, kayak, down to the beach, fishing or anywhere else, it will protect your personal gear.

Features and Benefits

  • 6 Litre Capacity
  • Air/Watertight to keep gear dry and allow flotation if dropped in water
  • Quality & Heavy Duty 500D PVC construction
  • Strong, compact and convenient with thanks to the 500D PVC materiel and the attention to detail when manufactured.
  • Ideal for Phone, Wallet, Keys, Cameras and any other valuables
  • The clear window on the front of the bag makes seeing what you have in the bag easy and finding what you need even easier when you are ravaging through.
  • When you are finished using it, simply let it dry out, flatten it out and store it away


Using your dry bag is easy.

  1. Place your gear in the bag,
  2. Squeeze a little bit of air from the bag while keeping some in there (flat at top, free space at the bottom),
  3. Roll the top so it is tight and roll a minimum of 5 times,
  4. Fold the buckles on either side around to form a loop and clip together.

If you have done this correctly, your bag will have a tight pocket of air surrounding your gear. This ensures that it floats in the event it goes overboard.

* NOTE. Ensure that a minimum of 5 folds are achieved to ensure that the bag remains air and watertight