Fishing Swimbaits

Swimbaits provide a realistic swimming action through the water to resemble a baitfish that larger fish are targetting for their next meal. They have a side-to-side action through the water that varies with different lures but essentially appear realistic to other fish.

Multi-Jointed Minnow Lure holding blue

Selecting Swimbaits

When it comes to selecting the best swimbait to purchase and use, you have to first consider what your target species feed on. This is the first step and the most crucial for effectively using a swimbait.

Next is the colour selection of your swimbait. Quality of the paint job on the swimbait is somewhat important but not 100% critical. Colours and lifelike appearance, however, are important to ensure that the bait looks like what your target species feed on daily. Though you may snag one that is interested in trying something different.

They are a great lure to include in your tackle box to try in different situations. If you need help with your selection, please contact TKF for some more assistance.

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