At TKF we are trying to help customers create memories on and around the water. We believe strongly that being near the water is the best place to let go of the real world and enjoy the moment and create those memories with family and friends. So, we ensure that our products stand the test of time and are ideal for any user.

For you as a potential dealer, you can be assured, that we have created a price point that ensures it is cost effective for you and affordable and sellable to the customer. On top of that, by providing the highest of quality product, you get fewer comebacks and more happy customers

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TKF provide a 1-Year Warranty on all our products. This is flexible if the fault is an obvious manufacturing or product fault. All TKF Products have a consistent design package and are barcoded for ease of entry for your business.
Barcodes and SKUs will be provided upon your successful reseller application.