About TKF (Total Kayak & Fishing)

Welcome to TKF.

TKF are proudly an 100% Australian business that specialise in products dedicated to the kayakers, fisherman and kayak fisho's. As kayakers and fisherman ourselves, we understand how important having good gear is. When we started fishing in kayaks, we too had to find the gear we needed. But, made the wrong decisions and got bad products and had to buy it twice. Our aim is to get you the best product first time.

We source and manufacture the HIGHEST QUALITY products for the kayak fisho. All products are compact, light weight and functional as we know how important weight and space saving are when in the kayak. There is not a doubt in the world that having good quality and usable gear while on the water is an absolute essential.

Get the gear you need, without paying the world for it so that you can spend more time out on the water and less time worrying about having the exact gear you need.


“To help kayakers and kayaker fisherman get accessories that make  their time on the water easier and more fulfilling"


 Welcome to TKF and we look forward to helping you more.