Kayaking is nothing short of fun for you and your family or friends. But what happens if your kayak starts to break down or pieces fall off of it on the weekend when you planned to go away with it??

Don’t let this be you… spend a few minutes reading these tips and have your kayak in top shape for many years to come.

You can also download your copy of the ‘TKF Top 9 Tips For Maintaining Your Kayak‘ at the bottom of the page. Get the most from your kayak now and well into the future with only a few minutes each trip…

General Care and Maintenance

  • Always ensure that you wash your kayak down with clean, fresh water after each use. This washes off any salt, dirt and grime that could damage it now and into the future.
  • Always store your kayak in a clean, dry place and out of the elements like sun, wind and rain.
  • Always check your kayak for stray hooks, sinkers, swivels or other items like coins, jewellery etc and remove them immediately. These items will rust over time and cause damage to your kayak.

Checks and Repairs

  • Once a month, run your eyes over each ‘add on’ parts such as mounts, rod holders, plugs etc.
    • Check if they have had any damage to them and tighten if needed,
    • check their mounting bolts and screws to ensure they are tight and not rusted badly and replace the fixings if they are excessively rusted or damaged.,
    • check for cracks or other forms of failure to them and replace them if needed.
  • Once a month, run your eyes over your entire kayak and check for any damage underneath, cracks, holes, or rust marks. If there is damage, consult your local kayak shop or kayak manufacturer for the recommended repair procedure.
  • Once a month, spray all metal components and fixings with a penetrating fluid such as the Mako Oil from TKF. This prevents rust and ensures they stay in good condition.
  • Once a month, spray all moving parts such as pedals, rudders, and other parts with penetrating fluid such as the Mako Oil from TKF to ensure they stay working properly and free from saltwater, dirt, and other grime. You want these parts more than any other to move freely and not fail when on the water, so make sure you maintain them.
  • While doing most of the above checks, look at other parts of your kayak. Such as the drain plug. Remove it and check for built-up dirt and grime under it or even a faulty seal that could cause leakage into the hull of your kayak. Replace the plug or seal as required to ensure it doesn’t leak.
  • Once a year, look at parts that are installed onto your kayak or holes that are sealed. Remove them or the sealant and clean with metho or another liquid to remove old sealant, dirt, or grime and re-seal them with fresh, marine-grade sealant. This ensures that all holes are sealed properly and will not leak into the hull. If you find you are draining a reasonable amount of water from your kayak after use, then there is a chance you may have a leak somewhere from such parts.

To sum up this article… proper maintenance on your kayak will ensure that you get the maximum life out of it and can use it with ease and without failures when on the water. Spending a few extra minutes after each use and a little time each month will ensure that it is in perfect working order for many years to come.

If you need any replacement parts, make sure you head over to the TKF website and use code ‘MAINTAIN’ for $10 Off your order so you can get your yak back up to scratch.

Happy Kayaking and get out and experience all it has to offer…. 🙂

Download a Copy Here

Open and download your copy of the TKF Top 9 Tips For Maintaining Your Kayak

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