Kayak Accessories and Fishing Accessories

Kayak and Fishing Accessories

Premium Kayak and Fishing Accessories to help you enjoy the experience more

TKF Mid Year Sale

Inflatable Boats

Do it with ease and fun with an Inflatable Boat that takes up minimal space, setup in less then 10 minutes and gets you on the water with ease and comfort.

Kayak Fishing Gear

Do more with less and get gear that makes your kayak fishing more enjoyable and less hassle. Take the stress out of using your gear when on the water.🎣

Ultimate Cooler Bags

No matter whether it is long days on the water or time away camping, cold drinks/food are essential. Get yourself one of the best soft sided coolers in Australia.

Kayaking and Fishing is ‘All About The Experience…’

It does not matter if you are a beginner just getting started or you are a avid kayaker or fisherman, at the end of the day, it is all about the experience. Getting out and enjoying everything that kayaking and fishing has to offer.

Thats why TKF only provide you with premium products that help you to enjoy the experience even more. 

So… Do you want to invest in kayak accessories or fishing accessories that you can actually rely on???

OR, are you tired of buying products that fail early, rust prematurely or are just rubbish quality?

Welcome to TKF. We care about making sure you get premium quality gear and enjoy using it. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium Kayak Accessories and Fishing Accessories,  as well as Kayak Fishing Accessories. We Design, Select and Test all our products in-House.

We also carry a range of Inflatable BoatsDry BagsCooler BagsMarine Batteries and much more.

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